A year

A year. Nearly a year since I posted a text on this blog. Posted…
Since I never stopped writing. And I had to admit it. Even though I spent these last twelve months doing other things, focusing on new projects, giving up others, there is a thing which is inherent in my life and maybe the most reliable one : writing.
Strange because for years I would never consider that “hobby” as a job, but when something is a part of you, more than a passion, it disappears with you… I guess.
Also because of that break, I’m trying to figure out why ? The answer is quite easy !
It does not have a direct relation with my other activities, no.
Again it is related to writing itself and the dissatisfaction of reading something that one is not enough confident or enough ready to put on the public place.
Why ?
Yes, why ? I’m not on the pretentious and megalomaniac side convinced that what I have to say is so great that I need it to be flawless. No, on the contrary, is it enough interesting or am I the only one who is interested ? Not that easy, huh !
Or a kind of perfectionnist way of thinking that when I do something I want it to be well done so I guess all I wrote since then is not good enough, even for me ?
On the other way, this blog is a sort of escapism for my thoughts and feelings and it is personal – though public – so maybe I should be less « demanding » regarding the « quality » if I may say. Dunno !
Anyway each time I hope to be more present here.
See you next year ?

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